Interesting Techs

This page is a collection of files I have personally made for curation into BlueMaxima's Flashpoint using the Authoring Tools in their wiki. The table styling is from MediaWiki.

Name Platform Release Date File Downloads Notes Description
Drawing Program HTML5 2017-12-31 Online view! I made this when I was younger, using p5.js. Press the mouse down to change the color to green. Press 'r' to reset. Due to a quirk (only in Chromium-based browsers), you can move in the canvas without placing a cursor by right clicking.
VFDanText VRML 2022-04-15 .wrl This is just text saying "VFDan". Made using 3D Builder and MeshLab.
Sussler Sizzler 2022-08-20 .sprEmbedded version This Sizzler animation is a little bit sus... made using WebPainter 2.
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